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The Aeroe Clan & the Amager Gang

Most of my family as well as my wife's family is membered by persons with common Danish surnames like Petersen, Knudsen, Hansen etc. This fact makes my genealogical work difficult at times, but also exciting. It's not a walk in the park to find a Petersen in Copenhagen during the 1880s. Except from this Copenhagen branch of the family, most of our ancestors lived in the countryside, and even here it can be hard to decide whether the one or other Peter Hansen is indeed the ancestor you are looking for.

No matter which names or places you come across, you will inevitably meet persons, destinies or events that are more or less extraordinary. This site will list some of the stories and events that have come to my knowledge as a result of my genealogical work. For a complete overview of my findings about family persons and events, please see my website www.galgemark.dk.

The Aeroe Clan

The Amager Gang

Aeroe is one of the many islands in the sea south of the island Fyn. Aeroe is about 30 km long and about 8 km at its broardest. About 6.700 people is living permanent at the island, but in summertime the population is more than doubled.
There are three “major” cities at the island: The market town Aeroeskobing, the sailors town Marstal and the fishermens town Soby.
The island was earlier part of the duchy Slesvig and was divided between the dukes of Slesvig and Holsten, now Germany. In 1748 the king of Denmark bought the whole island from the dukes. The island was still a part of the kings duchy Slesvig, but in 1864, when Denmark lost the second war against Germany and lost a third part of Jutland, the island Aeroe became a part of the danish kingdom.
The main occupation at the island was and still are farming, shipping and fishery. The sailors from Aaroe have sailed all part of the oceans and have called every port in the world. The farmers many children and limited access to farm land had generated a lot of emigration to the islands Fyn and Als, but also to USA, Australia, New Zeeland and South America.
An old saying tells, that the people from Aeroe are like the sparrows: They are averywhere!

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Amager is an island just south of Copenhagen, the capitol of Denmark, and with several brigdes so close connected to the capitol, that most people forget it really is an island.
Amager is a little bit larger than Aeroe, but there is a population of 171.200 citizens.
The danish king Christian II in 1541 invited dutch farmers to settle at the southern part of Amager, to secure fresh supplies of fruit and vegetables to the royal court and the wealthier citizens in Copenhagen.
Later the island was used to deposit night soil and garbage from Copenhagens citizens, who therefore called the island "Crap Island". For many years, the military used the western part of the island for drill and shooting exercises.

Apart from descendants of the dutch farmers and a few fisherfamilies from Dragør, the inhabitants of Amager are descendants of newcomers from the rest of Denmark in hope of a better future.
It is very few of Copenhagens 2.2 mill citizens, whose family has been living there for more than 3 generations.

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