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My name is Claus Bo and I am webmaster on this site. I live in the danish city Kolding, which is visible in the background above.

On this site, I collect and deliver a variety of information. The information will prove itself relevant to those people only who are in some way or another connected to the rather varied groups of people mentioned. So far, these groups are:


Here you vill find the complete overview of all changes, corrections and new site at

The Clan

Here you will find mentionings of major and minor events that could be interesting for the members of the clan. Often it will be sharing of photos or film of family celebrations, reunions etc. - subsequently, you can ask the webmaster for the files or download them from the site

Kastrup Skole (Kastrup School)

Lists class photos and information on students starting school in class 1a at Kastrup Elementary School in 1956 and leaving it in 1966 in what was called class ”3. real” in Denmark at the time.
Class teacher was Miss Bermann.


Here you will find portrayals of significant persons or landmark events in the family history. For a complete overview of my findings about family persons and events, please see my website Access to the site requires a password, which you can order on the site, as well.


Also, you will find links to other websites related to our family: Charlottes site about psykoterapi, our cousin the musician Jan Kaspersen, his wife Christina Holgersen, the duo Stereolove, and then of course Galgemark about our family, listing all genealogical findings up to this point.










Jan Kaspersen

Kristine Holgersen